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"Go 4 Wilderness Cattery in the Media!"

9 pages race-portrait and interview with breeder Eva Schwarzenhauer-Metzger featured in issue 3/2007 of "Katzen-Extra"! (German Cat-Fancy Magazine)
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Savannah cats belong to some of the rarest and most exotic looking cat breeds that exist world wide. It is fast gaining in popularity among the cat fancy because of its unusual looks and its unique assets. There is an overwhelming demand for these fascinating cats, but the number of serious breeders who truly dedicate themselves to the challenge to work with this breed, is still relatively small here in Europe.

Serval -- Leptailurus Servalis

Z: Tina Robertson, USA      

The purpose of our site is to give you a first introduction to the Savannah cat, showing you pictures and explaining some of the hybrid theory. We are sincerely trying to be as realistic as one can possibly be to answer all frequently asked questions (FAQ`s), because the only one who can honestly give the answer to the question: "Is the Savannah the right cat for me?" - is you!

The beauty of a Savannah is extraordinary, but don`t be carried away by this... make sure before you buy one, to find out if your enthusiasm can last for a lifetime!

Now go ahead, have fun, enjoy this trip into the wilderness of Africa! Discover the Savannah, Go4Wilderness!

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